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  • Professional Trainers

    Trainers at Step High Classes are well experienced and having more than a decade experience sharing their experience with students.

  • Flexible Timings

    We have flexible batch timings and we work as per the students, working groups availability.

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Basic English Speaking Classes
At Step High, we can help you improve your English listening skills while working on your English fluency. Speak enhance fluency user come to your shyness speaking with ascent preparation for embassy interviews.
Group Discussions
We have the best Group Discussion classes run by experienced trainers presenting complete guide on GD's topics, ideas.
IELTS Preparation
We offer sources to prepare For IELTS examinations to practice questions for listening, reading, writing, speaking tests.
Advanced English Speaking Courses
Step High classes offer Advanced English speaking courses to the students who are willing to relocate to abroad countries.
Interview Preparation
Sharing tips to prepare for interviews including what to wear, how to answer any question to make a good impression. All around for interviews Interview skill, Communication skill, Domestic and international preparation for interviews.
Basic French Classes
Easy basic French learning course to make your learning a great fun idea. Learn the French Language with Step high classes. French is easy way speaking and writing skill.
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